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3 months ago 12 Comments

  You might have struggled with situations where Windows isn’t able to copy anything to a write-protected storage media. This article will help you with methods to disable write protection on your SD card or pen drive.   There are times when you feel frustrated because Windows isn’t able to copy any file or folder […]

3 months ago 11 Comments

    ContentsHard Drive Repair Software Fixes Data Loss Issue and Repairs Hard DriveWhat to do when hard drive data get lost?How to repair hard disk drive error and restore HDD data?First. Check and repair hard disk error in Windows 10/8/7 with ChkdskSecond. Use a hard drive recovery software to restore hard drive lost dataTip: format hard […]

3 months ago 5 Comments

How do I dial an international number from Skype on desktop To call international numbers from Skype you’ll need to buy a little Skype Credit or a subscription. Learn more about mobile and landline rates. To dial an international number: Sign into Skype and click Calls . Click the Dial pad . Skype automatically displays your current country and the relevant calling […]

3 months ago 13 Comments

Introduction Setting up a Gmail account is easy. You will begin by creating a Google account, and during the quick sign-up process you will choose your Gmail account name. In this lesson, we’ll show you how to set up your Google account for Gmail, add and edit contacts, and edit your mail settings. ContentsSetting up a Gmail accountTo create an […]

3 months ago 17 Comments

ContentsStep 1Step 2Step 3 Step 1 On your Facebook feed or timeline ‘Right Click’ on any video then ‘Copy Video URL at current time’. See screenshot below. Step 2 Go to Then paste the URL and Click ‘Download’, like the screenshot below Step 3 Click on “Download normal quality video” or “Download HD video” (if available) to start downloading the video.  Alternative 2nd Method  Note […]

4 months ago 26 Comments

Case A: In many cases, this procedure is done when we sell on the second hand or even give our device to a friend or family member so you can use, and do not want others to access our privacy information.Case B: You may feel the performance of a Android device is slowing because of […]

4 months ago 21 Comments

    When some stubborn viruses enter your computer, if you can’t eliminate these Trojan viruses, you can format the computer. Or you can do it when there is too much stuff on computer. But how to format the computer? Here’s a look at the simplest methods to format a laptop windows 7/8/10. There are […]

4 months ago 14 Comments

       How to factory reset your Android smartphoneIf restarting your device doesn’t help and your phone is still acting up, you might want to try a factory reset. This will restore your smartphone to its factory settings. The process is also sometimes referred to as formatting or doing a “hard reset”. However, hard […]

4 months ago 14 Comments

A factory reset can also help resolve issues with your iPhone or iPad if it’s crashing or freezing, or suffering from problems you can’t identify. Modern electronic devices can be very complicated, and can get themselves into a bit of a confused state from time to time. Resetting and wiping a device can clear out […]

4 months ago 16 Comments

       In Windows 10 this is a very simple. Just right-click on the start button (the little Windows icon) and choose Device Manager. This will tell you quite a bit, including which processor and graphics card you have and plenty of other information besides.To find out how much RAM, right-click on the start […]

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