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3 months ago 12 Comments

A sitting federal judge on Texas has ruled that the landmark health system called ObamaCare is unconstitutional. A rule Donal Trump had greatly hailed.

3 months ago 7 Comments

Khasoggi; the slain reporter from Saudi Arabia who was murdered in the Kingdom’s consulate in Turkey has been awarded Person of the year alongside some other reporters.

3 months ago 9 Comments

The endowed superstar has spoken out in defence of her new lover; Kenneth Petty, a convicted murderer and rapist. She wrote in his defence that she believe he has learnt from his mistakes and has become a new being. Love truly is a deep thing.

3 months ago 8 Comments

In late February 2009, Leo Messi angrily packed up his stuffs after not getting on well with his free kicks but was intercepted by the next Argentina Coach who got the ball, placed it down and perfectly scored the ball at an angle Messi wasn’t lucky with that day. Now, no one does it better […]

3 months ago 8 Comments

The big Ivorian has left his club just three months into his contract with them. This is his second stint at the club as he has earlier played for them on his way to stardom.

4 months ago 2 Comments

Barcelona FC of Spain superstar has been lent an aircraft to takr him and his family everywhere in glamour. This came from an Argentine company.

4 months ago 3 Comments

Following the indecent racial slurs aimed at Man City Striker Raheem Sterling during the Premier League match between the two sides recently. Chelsea FC has now ban some people found guilty of this offence.

4 months ago 12 Comments

It took a Bale moment of magic to win it for Real Madrid against Huesca. The game ended 1 – 0 and moved Real Madrid back into top four.

4 months ago 6 Comments

As of today, Salah of Liverpool FC is second only to Messi of Barcelona FC on the scoring chart of he top scorer of the bug give league.

4 months ago 7 Comments

Today, China has called for the release of her national who is presently detained by the Canadian government. The detained executive is reportedly facing extradition to the US and China had promised strong retaliation if the executive continue to be held in detention.

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