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4 months ago 10 Comments

When Ranjana Amge was in the final months of herfifth pregnancy, she feared that she’d never holdthat baby in her arms. The doctor’s exams didn’tgo well. Experts didn’t know what to make of hersonograms. Something was wrong. Now, 20 yearslater, Amge has reason to be proud. Her youngestdaughter is happy, healthy and world famous.“Allthe bad […]

4 months ago 9 Comments – Bishop David OyedepoBiography, Life History And Early Life – Bishop DavidOyedepo date of birth: September 27, 1954.He wasdelivered in Osogbo town, Bishop David Oyedepo hails fromOmu Aran, Kwara community. He is from a religiouslymixed family as suggested by his official life history/biography: Bishop David Oyedepo’s father name isIbrahim,he was a Muslim healer and […]

4 months ago 3 Comments

Nigerian dancehall act, Tekno has shown signs of illnessand has been receiving treatment in the hospital from wherehe shared this sick bed selfie.

4 months ago 10 Comments

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) onThursday announced that registration for 2019/ 2020Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) willcommence in December.The Head of Media of the Board, Dr Fabian Benjamin,announced this while addressing newsmen during theconduct of promotion exercise for the Nigerian CustomsService (NCS), at the board’s Computer Based Test (CBT)Centre in Abuja,NAN reports.According to […]

4 months ago 8 Comments

Nigeria is one of the top countries with the highestnumber of university in the world today. Currently, thereare about 215 universities all over Nigeria, with each ofthem having special and unique characteristics.Nonetheless, this article was not published to give you thespecial characteristics of all the universities in Nigeria. Itwas published to enumerate the most popular […]
4 months ago 21 Comments

In this post, I will teach you how you can successfullyflash a number on airtel without airtime on your Sim card.Have you ever been low on airtime or in need to informsomeone of something from your airtel sim and it turnedout that your airtime balance is 0.0kb and you don’t wantto borrow.Airtelng has made it […]

4 months ago 39 Comments
No much talking, migrate to Glo Jollific8 plan by dialing*603# and when you recharge N200 through bank oronecard, you will get a whooping 10.4GB data.And for 5.2GB, recharge N100 through onecard or bank.Note: Do not recharge via Recharge card voucher, Andthis cheat is SIM selective as it was before they blocked itbut is now back [...]
4 months ago 12 Comments

23 Difficult Words To Spell.According to the Oxford Dictionary, here’s a list of wordseasily misspelled1. weird (wierd)Breaking everyone’s favourite spelling rule – ‘i’ before ‘e’except after ‘c’ – the word weird is, well, weird.2. accommodate (acommodate, accomodate)The easiest way to remember the two double letterpairings in accommodate is to remember that this word‘accommodates’ a lot […]

4 months ago 19 Comments

Have You Seen The World’s First Phone With Two Notches?Having a notch at the top is the new trendy design in thesmartphone industry, and the notch is always one.However, that has changed with the launch of Aquos R2Compact, an Android phone with two notches, by Sharp.This means Sharp is the first OEM to use the […]

4 months ago 23 Comments

1) The well-known scientist Nikola Tesla predicted themodern smartphone in 1926. He also predicted globalizedwireless communication eight decades before it came tofruition.2) You can actually charge your smartphones with yoururine.3) An engineer of Motorola, Martin Cooper made the firstmobile cell on April 31973, from the streets of New York.4) In Britain only, more than 100,000 […]

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