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2 months ago 12 Comments

ContentsImportant Tips for Non-Removable Battery Users1. What To Do When Your Device Freezes (Starts Hanging)2. How To Handle Overheating3. What To Do When Phone refuses to turn on4. Your Phone Is Charging Slowly.5. Never Let Your Phone Fall Into Water. Important Tips for Non-Removable Battery Users Ever since the launch of non-removable batteries, I have received a lot of complaints […]

3 months ago 6 Comments

Sleeping with another man’s wife knowingly or unknowingly attracts some curses or punishments. Please read the whole of Genesis 20 to get a clear picture of this. Abraham was in Gerar as a foreigner and he introduced his wife to people as his sister. This could be as a result of fear of the people […]

3 months ago 20 Comments

As there is no perfect substance on earth, there are inadequacies on the Airtel network in which seasoned geeks pry on. With created software or other kind of hacks, they open up a means through which one can browse the internet free. Meanwhile, there is one other way inwhich one can browse for free at […]

3 months ago 8 Comments

10 things you should never tell a woman Jan 2, 2019 11:31 AM Ever seen a woman look at you this way? [Photo/] I see you guys opening your mouth and just say anything to a woman. Has a woman ever reacted like this to something you said? In other cases, that look will […]

3 months ago 5 Comments

The human brain has no issue with storage because it has limitless space. But you lose the capacity to recall things as you get older because the brain is protecting you from information overload. You can, however, continue to train your brain to memorize the important things despite the threats of memory loss. Below are […]

3 months ago 9 Comments

New Year Prophecy: The End Has Come As Apostle Suleiman Predicts Apostle Johnson Suleman, the President of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide has released his 2019 Prophecies concerning Nigeria. In the prophecies he released during cross over service, Apostle Suleiman on Monday night, predicted that the 2019 election will be 100 percent rigged. He urged President […]

3 months ago 5 Comments

What the Shape of Your Lips Say about You What the Shape of Your Lips Say about You Besides the eyes, people pay close attention to a person’s lips. According to physiognomists or the face scientists who are experts at reading facial cues, the shape of your lips can also convey your distinct characteristics. You […]

3 months ago 16 Comments

Everybody in Nigeria knows Yahoo boys who they are, what they do, and what they are famous for. Some praise them, some distaste their activities. The only thing that stays unchanged is the fact that they have become extremely popular and that everyone speaks about how wealthy they are. Who are these Yahoo boys in […]

3 months ago 21 Comments

During every flight passengers are given serious-sounding instructions to either turn off their phone or switch it to airplane mode. While most people comply with the policy, many are unsure why.   Could sending a quick text or updating your Facebook status really cause harm to the plane? Wales Online have answered all your questions, revealing […]

3 months ago 7 Comments

ContentsBest love letter ever written in human historyNothing causes me to smile better than the thought of how graceful a pair you and I would make. I look forward to that day when I can finally say, ‘I’ve found my diamond.’To: My Muse Best love letter ever written in human history Dec 20, 2018 […]

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