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3 months ago 7 Comments

Don’t Marry A Guy Who Has These 10 HabitsImagine if you married a guy…but then realised he had bad habits that couldn’t be cured? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at why you need to avoid guys with these 10 habits.Prince Charming might have flaws, but he doesn’t have bad habits that […]

4 months ago 12 Comments

Zits. Just the word is enough to send shivers down the spine of every girl and woman on the planet. We’ve all been there, of course: We’ve all woken up on a day when we’ve got really something important to due such as GET MARRIED, checked the mirror, and frozen in our tracks as we […]

4 months ago 11 Comments

10 Clear Signs That You Should Change Direction In Life“We define ourselves by reinvention.”– Henry RollinsRecently, I asked myself a few questions: Am I happy with where I am in life right now? What are my long-term goals? What are my plans? Do I need to change career? Am I fulfilling my potential? Am I […]

4 months ago 6 Comments

Guys say that the male equivalent of giving birth is being booted in the testicles. Oh yeah? So what’s the equivalent of monthly period pain?Although having a period is entirely natural, it’s also very painful for a lot of women, both physically and emotionally. With all the discomfort, cramping and outright pain that comes with […]

4 months ago 6 Comments

Cloves may be only tiny little things, but boy, do they pack a powerful nutritional and medicinal punch. The spice, which is the flower buds of an evergreen tree that is native to Indonesia, contains 36 different ingredients that have health benefits, the most potent of which is an essential oil called eugenol. Cloves are […]

4 months ago 8 Comments

10 Natural ways to stop sweating in hot weatherSweating is simply the body’s way of cooling you down, but some people suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is when a person sweats excessively. For these people, any increase in the temperature can bring about noticeable sweating that is uncomfortable and embarrassing. For some people […]

4 months ago 10 Comments

When we think of root vegetables, we tend to think of potatoes, carrots and onions. Whisper it, but they’re actually really not root vegetables – we just like to think they are!The truth is that potatoes, carrots and onions overshadow the REAL root vegetables that are some kinda wonderful. These real roots that are amazing […]

4 months ago 4 Comments

Wanna get healthier? Then you’ll need lots of vitamin C! In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the amazing health benefits of vitamin C. Vitamins are essential. In a nutshell, your body – as fabulous as it is! – cannot produce these essential vitamins by itself. IKR. But this just means you […]

4 months ago 3 Comments

Never tried carrot juice before? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 amazing benefits of carrot juice.We love carrots and so do many others. It’s one of the most popular vegetables in the world that can be cooked, eaten raw – or juiced! You can add carrot to soups, sandwiches, roast […]

4 months ago 4 Comments

Before you can make someone else happy, you have first to become happy with yourself. Happiness comes from within and, when you are comfortable with what you are and who you are, you gain a self confidence that enables you to move forward with your life and enjoy every moment of it. So stop trying […]

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