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4 months ago 25 Comments

  This post will be discussing Security Tips To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Being Hacked. Bad guys are now  everywhere in the whole world doing wrong things either for fun or for cash. While they keep doing the bad act, it is very essential for you to be security wise by protecting your social […]

4 months ago 26 Comments

    Let’s imagine a scenario where you need to connect to a projector but your PC is faulty or not with you at the current time. An alternative is to connect with your smartphone. For this reason, I will teach you How to Connect Your Smartphone to Projector. In this new digital world, there is […]

5 months ago 18 Comments

In these part of the world we live, it is very possible for someone to lost his/her cell phone. Losing a phone doesn’t really pain like losing your contacts without backup. You can easily get your contacts all safe and secure with a Gmail account. This is why I will be teaching you How to Import […]

5 months ago 24 Comments

  Good day Tech Talkers. It’s obvious that nowadays, it’s not necessary to be living in the US before you can need a US phone number. Today, I’ll be teaching you how to Easily Get a US Phone Number for Free in Nigeria. When I mean free, it means free.    How to Easily Get a […]

5 months ago 22 Comments

Good day Tech Talkers. What makes a happy man than spending a good talk time with friends, family and associates without breaking the bank? If you are willing to migrate, check the Cheapest MTN TariffPlans in 2018 and how to migrate successfully. Today, I’ll be discussing with you, How to Check Your Current MTN Tariff Plan.   How to […]

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