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5 months ago 16 Comments

Discover the act of reading news and getting paid directly into your bank account weekly.  Newspay!  Yes newspay , newspay pays you for reading news, commenting, posting sponsored post, commenting on news, replying members comment and referring new members.  To register or visit the site, simple click on the link below :-

5 months ago 17 Comments

Carbonated drinks contains slot of gases, and in real facts, not all of those gases are good for our health as some of those gases are for preservation of the drink.  To expel those gases from the drink is easy but most people do not really know about it.  When you have a bottle of […]

5 months ago 36 Comments

bitterleaf juice is a juice that is essentially good and useful for everyone, but it will be more appreciated by those with high blood sugar as it helps in reducing sugar level.  to make this juice, pluck some fresh bitterleaf and rinse it properly and neatly in clean water.  use a blender to blend it […]

5 months ago 27 Comments

suya is once delicacy no one can escape when you perceive the inviting aroma.  to make this delicacy, you need to cut mean into slim size. thrust them through a slim stick.  to make the suya spice,  get groundnut or peanut and pound them into powder, add salt, Maggi, pepper, ginger to taste very well.  […]

5 months ago 32 Comments

Turmeric powder is of great use and value today to man, because turmeric is a natural antibiotics and turning it into a powder helps it to last even longer.  Below is how to make turmeric powder  1. Get your raw turmeric  2. Pound the turmeric and place in the sun and allow to dry for […]

5 months ago 27 Comments

Turmeric rice, qlso known as yellow rice is a very delicious meal, and turmeric is a natural antibiotics.  To prepare it ,measure you choice of rice in your own quantity.  Parboil the rice, after parboiling, seive the water and wash properly to reduce the starch in the rice . Then in an empty pot, pour […]

5 months ago 22 Comments

Getting referrals to join naijahow is not too easy, but it is not impossible.  All you need to do is open a  whatsapp group, tell people what they stand to benefit from the platform, and boom watch the magic as people will surely begin to join

5 months ago 28 Comments

Taping is a type of measurement in survey that involves using a tape to carry out measurement  Below are the steps  1. Alignment – this involves alignming your points  2. Plumbing – if the plot of land is not perfectly horizontal or it is a bushy terrain, u will have to plumb to ensure you […]

5 months ago 16 Comments

People this days don’t often care about safety gadgets, but the fact remains that it is very essential . Below are some few uses of nose mask  1. Protects from inhaling dust particles  2. Protect our nostril from inhaling harmful gases in chemicals in laboratory or while painting  3. Give a refreshing breaths due to […]

5 months ago 30 Comments

So many people complain of using sniper insecticide and not getting the desired results, this could be true as it may have not been properly used.  When you are about to use sniper ,add kerosine to it ,this allows a quick reaction between the sniper and the insects it is about to work on, because […]

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