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3 months ago 5 Comments

The Importance Of Exercise and Keeping Fit Everybody knows that you’re supposed to exercise and stay in shape. But, as we age, we tend to “let go” of a few pounds here and there, or with our commitment to staying in shape. But, a few pounds, and a more sedentary job, can make an accumulative difference […]

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3 months ago 12 Comments

The Right Way To Peel Bananas (You’ve Probably Been Doing It Wrong All Your Life) Bananas are wonderful fruits that a lot of us enjoy and love to eat but do you know you have probably been peeling them wrong your whole life? You have more often than not found yourself in a situation where […]

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3 months ago 10 Comments

Five Most Annoying Speaking Habits When it comes to annoying speaking habits, it is not about what you say a lot of the time but the timing of your words and the mood at the moment. Here are five of the most annoying speaking habits according to researchers. You’re A PessimistPessimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy: […]

4 months ago 11 Comments

1. Use Original Charger Have you at any point read the manual that comes with your smart-phone? Each telephone manufacturing company always specified that don’t use fake or duplicate chargers since it might harm your phone’s battery. The battery is the major reason behind why our phone overheats. In this manner make sure to utilize […]

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4 months ago 23 Comments

3 ways to free up space on your smartphone How did we live without our smartphones? If you’re using an iPhone or Androidsmartphone, you can’t live without it. Well, your everyday life wouldn’t be nearly as nice without it. You’re constantly taking photos and videos that you share with friends and family around the world on social media […]

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4 months ago 11 Comments

Five Things You Should Never Ever Keep In Your Wallet If you lose your wallet to thieves, there are a number of things that are much more painful than cash. To avoid pain and regrets, try to keep these five things out of your wallet. Your work ID If you work in an organisation where […]

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4 months ago 13 Comments

Groundnuts may seem to be small in size but play a huge role in boosting your health status.  They contain important nutrients that can boost your health. Here are some of the health benefits of eating groundnuts: 1.Aids in blood sugar regulation Groundnuts contain manganese, a mineral that plays a key role in blood sugar […]

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4 months ago 27 Comments

There’s been a tense competition between smartphone manufacturers in the  megapixel spec race to prove that their camera is better than their rivals. We have reached  a point where even the cheap and lower-end camera smartphones are packing more pixels than they should. This has made it hard to differentiate  between the camera hardware. The […]

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4 months ago 13 Comments

  When Exams is drawing closer a wise student that is determined to pass his or her exams and get high score must be ready to sacrifice his or her sleep just as we discussed in my last article on best time to start reading for Exam  Sleeping As you all know reading at night […]

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4 months ago 3 Comments

Five Home Remedy To Get Rid of Smelly Feet Smelly feet can be caused by putting on closed shoes for so long and your legs can sweat and cause them to smell. It can also be caused by a fungal infection. However, there are some home remedies that can help to do away with smelly feet. […]

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