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Cymbopogon citratus     ContentsHISTORY AND USEDESCRIPTION OF THE PLANTCURATIVE ACTIONUSESStomach pain and digestive problemsInsect Repellent HISTORY AND USE The Cymbopogon citratus is improperly called citronella, like C. nardus, which is another variety grown in India, but both plants have the same indications.The leaves are widely used in decoction as a refreshing and digestive drink. […]

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Capsicum frutescens       ContentsHISTORY AND USEDESCRIPTION OF THE PLANTCURATIVE ACTIONUSESStimulant of digestionRevulsive HISTORY AND USE Little pepper is commonly used as stimulant, laxative and condiment, it is also recommended as an anti-haemorrhoidal and sometimes anti-icic and anti-oedematous, sometimes it is added to febrifuges preparations. DESCRIPTION OF THE PLANT It is a sub-shrub up […]

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I’ve done my fair share of online dating over the past few years. While I’ve encountered a handful of genuinely nice guys, I’ve also run into a number of bad eggs that made me question why I chose to go to the Internet for love in the first place. Sometimes, you don’t know you’ve run […]

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