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4 months ago 5 Comments

  You may brush twice a day and even sneak in an extra tooth brushing after lunch but until you learn how to brush your teeth, you may not be able to get rid of BAD breath. Each time you reach out for a toothpaste,  get into the habit of cleaning your tongue. Using A Tongue Scraper […]

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4 months ago 4 Comments

  Cleaning a TV seems easy. Windex, right? wrong. Most modern HDTVs have special coatings on the surface that can be ruined by strong cleanser.  But at some point, every TV screen needs to be cleaned. This post will cover the cleaning process of Samsung TV screen only as every TV has its own unique way of […]

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4 months ago 19 Comments

Banana chips fried in coconut oil are perfect to snack on while watching the rains. They are best stored in an air tight container and can last for days. Ingredients 4 unripe plantains, peeled, sliced into thin rounds and washed.  2 cups of coconut oil 3 cups of water 1 teaspoon tumeric 1 teaspoon chilli powder […]

4 months ago 18 Comments

  If you are still using store bought lotion on yourself or your family,there are super easy natural alternatives that are fun to make.This homemade lotion recipe has three basic ingredients and take only 10 minutes to whip together. The basic recipe is ultra-moiturizing water-free free version that last for years without preservatives. Ingredients 1/2 almond […]

4 months ago 7 Comments

In Lagos in 1865 one bag of 20,000 cowry shells was exchanged for one or two English Pound.   Disney owns the film right to Amos Tutuola’s The Palm Wine Drinkard.   Nnamdi Azikiwe gave a speech calling for the independence of Africa nations in Washington DC, in December 1949.   The Nigerian author Ben was just 17 […]

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4 months ago 10 Comments

  Does your Household tend to run out of Liquid soap so quickly? Store bought liquid soap can be very expensive, especially if it is made from natural ingredients. The good news is, you can actually make these soaps by yourself and for your household. Read on to uncover the how to make liquid soap by […]

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4 months ago 14 Comments

Postinor-2 is a medication used to prevent pregnancy if the sperm penetrates into the ovary, whether intentionally or otherwise. It can prevent pregnancy 95% in the first 24 hour after sex.  It is also used as a form of emergency contraceptive. However, its has effects that every woman planing to take it or that has […]

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4 months ago 13 Comments

Coconut oil is incredibly popular , and for good reasons. It offers many health benefits, has a delicate taste and widely available. Its also an extremely versatile oil with a number of uses you may not be aware of. Here are 15 clever uses of Coconut oil- 1, It is used for protecting the skin from […]

5 months ago 12 Comments

  Did You Know That?  When a decapitated flatworm regrows its head, it gets all of its old memories back too.

5 months ago 9 Comments

The loudest noise ever heard on earth was the eruption of  Krakatoa in 1883. The Indonesian Volcano ruptured the ear drums of sailors 40 miles away, and people 3000 miles away reputed is “it was a distant roar of heavy guns”. To put that in perspective, it would be like sitting in Boston and hearing a noise that came […]

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