Awoof!! Get 30GB Free On Airtel

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I saw some articles online about how to get airtel 5gb. I didn’t update that here cos I was preparing something bigger.
Though I am only posting this cos I have a personal beef against airtel and their scams. just enjoy!

Firstly, Get any new or old airtel sim, also note that it can never work on the sim you already used for the Previous 5GB (why i didn’t post that).


30GB imei=> 860861034813893

Analyze the Imei above editing from the last Four (4) digits. You can Download imei analyzer to analyze a valid imei [Here].

Don’t know how? Read the A-Z On How To Analyze Your ImeI.


After analizing a valid ImeI, Goto your message box and text “sIMEI” e.g.”s860861034813893″ to 232.

You should see “your phone is not provisionable” Then you are good to go…


Now, Quickly go to your message box again and send
JOIN to 141

You will get a message like “You have been rewarded 30gb for 60days Airtel Terminal”

dial *223# to check


Note: If you get result that “you can only receive this offer once”,
dial *140# to check the gb. If you are still not given, retweak.
But if you see something things like
you are not qualified then you have edited the imei too far ( keep it at last 4 ).
keep tweaking!
Good Luck!


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    unikworks says

    Not working

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  4. Aliyumahmud007
    Aliyumahmud007 says

    I hope this is real

  5. ghenemine
    ghenemine says

    Airtel dey try sha

  6. omotosho
    omotosho says

    It’s like I’m late for this

  7. Shehun5
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    Not working

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    Over awoof na this one oooo

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    chijike82 says

    tarrif palava

  10. Joshua32
    Joshua32 says

    How can this happen

  11. Netrock
    Netrock says

    Really? How can one finish 30GB in a month?

  12. sirvickybest
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  13. Chisabez78
    Chisabez78 says

    Is this for real?

  14. Lekism1
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    nice one

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    Wow.. Would love to try it.

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    I love this

  18. abdullahi19922
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    We really apreciate for this offer

  19. Makalisia
    Makalisia says

    Their network is very slow in my area

  20. Favour247
    Favour247 says

    Yeah, Airtel is trying

  21. Richboy45
    Richboy45 says

    It doesn’t work

  22. onuchukwu
    onuchukwu says

    is the service still available

  23. osagie
    osagie says

    Is the offer still on? I want to try it

  24. seyilaw4real22
    seyilaw4real22 says

    Hw can I go about this awoofe plan

  25. uforwealth
    uforwealth says

    Well, is this bonus for everyone?

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    good one

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    Wow interesting I will check it out

  29. Signal
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    Hope I am not late on this?

  30. Akorede12812
    Akorede12812 says

    This can’t work again na
    Since 2016

  31. Archimedes
    Archimedes says

    30gb lol

  32. Victor28
    Victor28 says

    But I don’t think it for all network

  33. says

    it has ended

  34. MhizPresh
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    nice one

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    Wow this is enjoyment

  36. Johnthankgod
    Johnthankgod says

    They are trying to prospect new customers

  37. Ruth Onifade
    Ruth Onifade says

    this one na old package ooo
    not going again

  38. Acidbej
    Acidbej says

    doubt this still works been over 2years now

  39. D-General
    D-General says

    Is this Airtel 30gig still working ?

  40. Prosper
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  41. Marvellous
    Marvellous says

    Can this be real, I don’t think so

  42. dannyx
    dannyx says

    this is nice…bt I dont tink its available anymore

  43. Istar19
    Istar19 says

    Nice one!!

  44. D-General
    D-General says

    Big is here before getting the awoof gig

  45. Lucky Bari Ndoonu
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    Good id

  46. Igwe1
    Igwe1 says

    is not functioning

  47. Ochijenu Abigail
    Ochijenu Abigail says

    Gud evening guys

  48. Igie-paul enehikhare
    Igie-paul enehikhare says

    I don’t no How to change my IMIE on my own android

  49. Sodiq Olaseni
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    Good one

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    This is mega

  51. Kayode Olatide
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    is not working

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    No longer available

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    Thompson Torere says

    This is long overdue, how I wish I knew back then

  54. Akinade Oluwasheyi
    Akinade Oluwasheyi says

    Pls can I still try this!

  55. Fagboye Caleb
    Fagboye Caleb says

    It didn’t work

  56. Gab Twee
    Gab Twee says

    It no more working

  57. Hammed Lawal
    Hammed Lawal says

    Woow this one is great opportunity for people using airtel

  58. Uka Eke
    Uka Eke says

    Is it still working up till now

  59. John Andrew
    John Andrew says

    Its like it is for selected lines

  60. Joel Esemitodje
    Joel Esemitodje says

    I tried it but didn’t work, it brought a message that says “promo no longer available”

  61. Joel Esemitodje
    Joel Esemitodje says

    I’m having issues with analyzing my android

  62. Ochijenu Abigail
    Ochijenu Abigail says

    Airtel is really working now

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