This is portraying my gratitude, my heart pours out appreciation, thank you for standing by our opinions. All your effort through the time of the NHAEP issues are clearly seen, even after the news of ending the program, you stood by us.

You received series of insults and experienced nonchalant attitude of some of us (members), yet, you never stopped on your path to make NAIJAHOW a place to be.

You told us you have recruited more staffs to help with handling the platform, dedicated customer care that are ready to take up your issue as theirs and you said you look forward to the releasing a version 3.0.

You promised to make a come back today which you did, so AWESOME i must say. Thanks for everything.

….Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless….I on behalf of NHAEP MEMBERS, I say thank you to Mr Joegfred and the entire staff of NAIJAHOW.