Airtel free browsing tricks 2019


As there is no perfect substance on earth, there are inadequacies on the Airtel network in which seasoned geeks pry on.

With created software or other kind of hacks, they open up a means through which one can browse the internet free.

Meanwhile, there is one other way inwhich one can browse for free at no cost. It is through bonuses and incentives made to win the hearts of consumers by these firms. Although these bonus may be open to everyone, not all people would activate and use it.

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The freebrowsing trick currently on airtel could give you upto 200MB. Start by activating from the highest to the lowest. If you do dial one and it isn’t activated, move to the next, hopefully one would respond.

The free data incentive is given according to your recharging strenght, so, don’t expect to a 200MB data when your line is dead since 2 months ago. You don’t need to power this data through apps as it powers all internet functions without any thirdparty. It’s also a USSD code simple to try.

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—> To get 1MB free Airtel data dial *141*13*1#

—>For 50MB free Airtel data dial *141*13*50#

—>To get 100MB Airtel free data dial *141*13*100#

—>To get 200MB Airtel free data dial *141*13*200#

Please note that the bonus is a one-time one and is gotten only once. Yo don’t get the 1MB data and expect to get the 50MB one at another time. Don’t forget to always dial *223# to confirm all bonuses.

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