Advice for new corp members


    Corp members use 21 days in NYSC camp for their youth service training which includes military training, vocational training etc. At the 21st day, the corp members are posted to their place of primary assignment (PPA).


     My ADVICE for the new corp members is that they should proceed immediately to the place they are posted. This will enable them to quickly know their fate if they will be accepted or rejected. If you are rejected, don’t panic; infact, be happy. Just collect rejection letter printed with their letterhead paper of the organization from them and proceed to the local government. 

   If you have a place in mind that you wish to serve, go to the organization and tell them you want to serve in the company/school. If they agree, collect a request letter from them and staple it with the reposting letter that you will give the Local government. After some time, you will be reposted to that place.

    Note but if you don’t know any place that you can go to, just tender your reposting letter to the Local government inspector and you will be reposted to a suitable place of primary assignment.

     Also for those whom the organization has accepted, before they stamp your posting letter, make sure you discuss your convenience with them especially if it is a private organization. If it is a public organization, you don’t have much to discuss with them and you may have to secure accommodation for yourself. 

     But if it is a private organization like school or company, tell them to provide accommodation for you and if they can’t, tell them to give you money which will cover your transport fare and atleast with little change on it. Although some already has beautiful plans for but that doesn’t mean you should just succumb to all that they say. Some may want to take the advantage of you being inexperienced to give you less than what you worth.

   Most of it all, do not miss any general CDS and Clearance. 

  If you have any question, drop in the comment’s box, I will try my best to answer you.