About US

We are all faced with one technical problem or the other. In fact, as long as technology is concerned, we’ll always have problems that need fixing.

Normally, you pay a repairer or a guru to do these. But no more! NAIJAHOW was born for this sole purpose; Teach you to do stuffs yourself. Stuffs you’d naturally pay for.

The truth is things are simple to fix if the right minds put you through it, and that’s why at NAIJAHOW, we have just those right minds who put in lots of research, pictures, and step by step guides and explanation just to make sure you can completely and effectively complete and carryout each tutorial. Even more to that, they are there around the clock to come to your aid each time yout encounter a problem and leave a comment about it.

NAIJAHOW is bent on helping you fix stuffs that’s why unlike most sites, we offer a file upload area above the comment box so we could visually understand what the problem is and the best way to tackle it as one method can’t possibly work in all Scenarios.



 NAIJAHOW is simple to use. More like every other site you have been on. However, we have some features they haven’t dream of yet.

The Live Search.

You can search for tutorials and get instant results as you type. This will enhance your search and help you streamline your search terms. So you know if you are going off terms.

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