7 things to know that she is fed up of you.


GUYS! If She Does These 7 Things, She’s Fed Up Of You, No 6 Is So Common


There comes a time in a relationship where a woman just gets fed up with her man. It may be his fault, it may be hers, and shoot it may be both of theirs. But there’s one thing for sure, when a woman is fed up and gives up on a relationship then there’s no turning back.

Do you notice a certain change in your woman? Do you think its only thing that’s going to pass?? Maybe it is, and maybe it’s not.


Here are 7 signs when a woman is fed up:

1.) She doesn’t care

When she stops asking questions about your whereabouts, wondering who that girl is that you’re on the phone with, ,she doesn’t get jealous anymore, doesn’t ask how you feel about the relationship, why you haven’t texted her back. She just doesn’t care any more. She doesn’t try to make herself beautiful, she doesn’t make her hair, fix her nails …etc, she doesn’t want to look good for you again, she’s tired and doesn’t care. Then this is a sign that she’s fed up. As a man, you may be so caught up in your world when you see her doing this, that you think that it’s nothing. But it is, and what’s even worse is that you aren’t paying attention. And she is at the point where she doesn’t give a FxCK about what you do.

2.) She shows no emotion

Him: “Babe, I’m working late so I won’t make it to ________.”

Her: “Ok, I’ll just see you later.”

If she stops showing emotion about not seeing you ,when it’s apparent she should, then you are on the brink of losing her. Women are very emotional, YES!! We men are emotional as well, but a lot of women have no problem showing it. If she stops then you are in trouble sir. Big Gobe like said earlier even “Ifa” can not help you.

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3.) She stops calling

Do you remember when your phone would go off with text messages and phone calls? You didn’t have to question it was her. There was no denying that she was into you, but what about now? Has the calling and texting been reduced on her end? Do you find yourself contacting her and she’s giving little effort to reach out to you? If this person sounds like you, Brother, your babe don port! She don migrate. At this stage , once you notice such , you start to be runnings her again or do the things you once did before you got her.

4.) She’s TOO Busy

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? You used to say that to her a lot and now, she’s doing the same. Suddenly it went from her having all the time in the world for you, even as much as her pushing certain things to the side, just to be with you. Now it seems like all of a sudden she just doesn’t have time. Let me tell you, she may have 1000 things to get done, but she will always make an effort for you. When she stops, then the relationship isn’t too far from ending. At this point , start preparing your breakup scene or speech, music, food and friends to be with.

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5.) She’s Always With Her “Friend”

No I’m not talking about her best friend since Secondary School; I’m talking about that male friend that she met two or four months ago. Yep that friend that is tall or short, handsome, has 6 packs and giving her more attention than you are at the moment. Who’s this guy? When did he turn up? Who knows, you were doing something else at the moment to really pay attention. Now when you talk to her and ask her where she is or what she’s doing, she tells you that she’s just hanging with her friend. The only advice, I would give to you, is to meet up with your pastor , Pray and Fast that , the dude would end up in “The Friend Zone Palace”

Disclaimer: If It doesn’t work , hmmmm, I guess your village people are strong then.

6.) Your Sex Life Cools Down

If she has a strong sex drive(I mean Caro style), loves being intimate with you and suddenly it starts dwindling down…there’s something wrong. What made her stop? What made her tell you that she’s not up for making love? What made her suddenly not look at you the way she used to? Something happened. Figure it out and spice it up before you lose your lady. Useful tip: Everyone has a “MUMU BUTTON” Find it and Press it. Try making her feel special by showing her how much she means to you, hold her hands ,look into her eyes and tell her how you feel without her in your life. Hug her and Caro is back to Fire pass Bugatti . Don’t just lay down thinking her day was rough or she’s tired …etc . Act immediately

7.) She’d Rather Be Anywhere Else

This correlates with #4 except that she’s not telling you she’s too busy. When you first get into a relationship you slow down on doing certain things for the sake of making it work. For example, she probably liked going to parties and after she met you she stopped going out as much. Has she started partying a lot again? If not, is she with everyone else except with you?? Does she just hop in her car and go? You notice that you are having more freedom than usual, because she’s doing the same. She wants to be away from you. That’s an issue because she shouldn’t willingly want to do that.

Men, you may not realize it, but women put up with a lot. Even if you do, you still take it lightly. As women they have been through a lot, just like you, maybe even more. As women they can be looked at as vulnerable to the point where you expect them to do certain things. It gets to the point where you push them away. They turn from fighting for the relationship, to just letting go because there’s no more fight. If there’s no more fight in your woman, then the relationship is basically done. There is hope to fix it, but if it’s not acknowledged and addressed, then it’s over.

In conclusion, don’t be that man with too much pride that loses a great woman. Because when a woman is fed up….there’s just nothing you can do.