6 Important Things to Do When You Fail


1Change your beliefs about failure

There is no super human. In reality it’s proven that those who achieve greatly have failed greatly before. Mistakes can happen and they do happen.


The success story of great achievers is replete with glamour that it sometimes failed to tell of their failure. So, be balanced try to be interested in the challenges that failure surmounts, and then you will have the balanced view of their success story.


2Learn to become emotionally stronger

Failing could be emotionally devastating. It takes time to recover from a huge failure and for emotions to heal. This time is better spent going over how to do it better next time in order to build up your resilience.


Also develop emotional strength to withstand failure. Those who can tolerate failure are the ones who eventually try once again and are the ones who become successful.


3Express your emotions after failure

As humans, it’s OK to feel bad, to stay few days in bed or to feel bad or down after you fail but put in mind that this state must never take longer than necessary. Express your emotions don’t suppress them but put in mind that you must rise again.


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4Forget about how other people view you

When you eventually achieve your dreams that you failed will not matter. Your failure usually adds up to your success story.


Those you’re bothering your mind about have enough personal problems themselves and it won’t be long before they’re too busy wor