5 Things you should not do to a Lady


it’s a point to note that whether she is your spouse or not. This are things you should never do to a lady.


1.  Never hit her

Most ladies can be very nasty in terms of character even even though they are very pretty there is this different character that can be so annoying but even at this with so much tension and pressure please do not hit the lady rather walk away, after some hours you can return back, be quiet and maybe the following day you can talk about it.


2.  Never tell a lady her meal aint sweet:

Because ladies are super emotional beings they seem to put so much effort in the process to cook. yes, it may not be sweet really. This can be due to the fact that  some may not be good cooks,it’s fine but even at this oga just try to eat the food swallow it if you can and avoid telling her the meal aint delicious. This way you become the hero. 

P:s:  ladies don’t like it when you say their food aint delicious.


3. Don’t show are stupidity in front of her friends:

 yes it is true that some ladies can be very not smart, all you have to do is cover up for her  especially when her  friends are there,   make her feel like the most brilliant person ever on earth probably do not bring this up for any reason whatsoever. You think she is not aware of this cover up,then bro! You don’t know a woman. She would love you forever.


4.  Dont force her to stoop so low:

A lady who would love and respect you would do that without any force or authority whatsoever. Women are very influential being, they can pretend play to your tune and dance along rhythmically but then again you are in deep trouble. Rather allow a woman respect you naturally because.

Respect is earned with time and not force to stooping .

5. Never keep a lady standing:

 ladies don’t like been kept  up waiting for you to come meet you would know meet up with set appointments