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A couple watching a movie. [Photo/blackamericaweb.com]

It is a fact that some people (older or young) watch and are even addicted to adult explicit content.


The social media era and the internet has made it easier for people to access adult explicit content.


According to Mercy Mbuthia, a sociologist, many people are addicted to adult explicit content that has affected their way of life, marriage, family, work and social interaction.


Ms. Mbuthia says that lack of proper internet regulation content is to blame for wide accesses and circulation of explicit content that in many cases find itself in the hands of young people.


In Machakos, some youths disclosed that they are addicted to watching adult content.


“I started watching it in primary school and it has affected even my studies and interaction with people,” says a student at Machakos University.


The student said the majority of her friends at the university watch explicit adult movies.


“Sometimes we miss classes and lock ourselves in hostels to watch adult movies,” she adds.


Psychologists say that watching explicit content has adverse effects on people.


Here are the effects of watching adult movies:


1. Harms family relationships


Explicit adult movies affect how people involved interact with other family members. 


In most cases, people addicted to adult movies live in isolation and don’t interact with others.


Once addicted, such people will often lock themselves inside their rooms and avoid other members of the family.


2. Harms your love relationship or marriage.


According to relationship experts, adult movies is one of the reasons for high rates of divorce cases.


A partner is likely to quit a relationship once she or he realises that his or her wife is addicted to watching adult contents.


3. Lowers your self-esteem


Adult content addiction is one of the things that will lower your self-esteem and confidence.


People addicted to adult movies have low self-esteem and don’t interact with other people.


4. Poor performance in school or at work 


With the wider spread of the internet, adult content is easily available. Young people have become victims.


It is illegal for underage to access or explicit to adult contents. Once they do, their behaviors change and result in poor performance in school.