4 Effective and sensible ways to save money

  1. Save more reasonably- The easiest way to save money is to make sure you never get the opportunity to spend it in the first place. Deposit a portion of your income in a savings or retirement account. 
  2. avoid accumulating debts- Some debts are essentially avoidable. When you can, avoid accumulating debts. Paying a sum of money upfront is always cheaper in the long run than paying off an equivalent loan while interest accumulated overtime.
  3. Set reasonable savings goal- It is a lot easier to save if you know you have  something to save for. Set yourself savings goals that are within your reach so as to motivate yourself to make the tough financial decisions needed to save reasonably.
  4. Establish a time frame for your goals – Giving yourself ambitious (but reasonable) time limit for achieving your goals can be a great source of motivation.