4 Desirable Roles of Teachers to Students


Being a teacher is not just about knowing how to teach English Language and Mathematics. There are certain major roles of teachers that must not be neglected if we want our students to be happy with us and get the best from us.

Here I show you those four major roles teachers must play in their students’ life:

  1. The Role of a Real Model: As a teacher, you must live an exemplary life that would make your students see you as a model. Remember, they would only do what they see you do and not what you say.
  2. The Role of a Reassuring Mother: You may not be the biological parent to your students; but the moment those young people leave home for school, they wish to see somebody who cares like their mothers at home. You should be able to know when any of your students is sick or sorrowful, and quickly show empathy and care.
  3. The Role of a Reliant Mentor: If the only time you have to correct your students are only when they misbehave in the classroom, then you’re getting it wrong. Always find out time to always mentor your students individually. That’s the only way to win over them. When you form this habit, each and everyone of them will always respect you.
  4. The Role of a Responsive Mediator: Your students want you to defend them against any external aggression or opposition. Don’t be part of the people that will openly condemn them and brush them aside. Try to always plead their cause before others. You can then correct them when alone with them.

Great teachers understand these principles and they follow it; no wonder they produce great students. You can follow suit today.