3 Ways To Make Your Relaxed Hair Grow Longer And Fuller



According to hair myths, adding relaxer to your hair will make your hair automatically grow longer and fuller. On the contrary, relaxed hair still requires effort and attention to achieve growth and fluff.


Granted that shrinkage is one of the issues naturalistas deal with, relaxers, however, rid the hair of that problem. That said, relaxers can also cause shedding and breakage if not properly applied. Which is why we have curated a list of steps to take to make your hair grow longer and fuller.


1. Protective styling


Protective styles secure hair tips and prevent breakage and frizz. Similarly, braids, weaves and styling protect relaxed hair from external damage. Additionally, when relaxing, you should keep the relaxer away from the tips.


2. Moisturize


We can’t overstate the importance of moisture on your hair. Essentially, you should treat your hair well regardless of how you choose to grow it. Deep conditioning, frequent washes, and moisture are essential to achieving quick growth.


3. Scalp Massage


Massaging the scalp stimulates the hair follicles which consequently induces hair growth. Apart from stimulating growth, scalp massages relieve stress and also make the hair fuller.