3 ways to kill Mosquitoes in the House


The main idea is to secure the perimeter of your place so that no creature can fly into your house! Now, let’s fight those mosquitos who still have been able to get inside.

Here are the 3 best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your house recommended by entomologists.

1. Get rid of any standing water at home. The scientists believe that female mosquitoes can lay eggs even in water left under the flower pot. A long neglected flower vase can become a real springboard for mosquito breeding, to say nothing of the wet basements! Eliminate all such sources of still water and then get on with fighting the remaining mosquitoes.

2. Vacuum clean. We are positive you have already thought of taking your vacuum cleaner and chasing the blood-sucking insects Ghostbusters style. Now is the time to make some noise! Mind the ceiling, walls, and behind the curtains as these are the places where mosquitoes can hide.

3. Use Swatter Zappers: just push the button. This is a very popular product and is listed in the top 20 best-selling products in the bug zappers category on Amazon.com; you’ll find 9 swatters made by different manufacturers