2 fast exercises to increase hip flexibility if you sit alot


If you sit a lot/have tight hips, these two simple stretches help with flexibility…

There are exercises to open up tight hips, increase flexibility in the area as well as generally reduce discomfort.

Almost everyone at  a point in time can attest to the hip area been ‘locked’ and not as flexible as should be.

Tight hip is common among people who sit a lot or are usually not as active everyday (this isn’t to say some active people don’t have the same issue) and it can be managed with simple stretches that can be done everyday as part of daily exercise.

1. Stretch A

– Start by lying flat on the back

-Bend the knees (both knees) and hold the outward edges of the feet (in the air) with both hands. (make sure arms are hiding on to the outsides of both feet)

-Relax shoulders, chest and the whole body

-Use the strength of the upper body to gently press the knees towards the floor below the armpits

-Keep the position and count from 1 to 10

2. Stretch B

-Put the right knee forward, lower the left knee to the floor and rest both hands on the ground under the shoulders

-Lower the right knee slowly to the right, keeping both arms straight. Stretch out keeping the chest forward.

-Hold the position counting from 1-10

-Repeat this for the other side.