15 Ways to Find out if A Girl is A Virgin or Not. Its Hard to Lie about it.



It may be 2018 but we still live in a time where a women is told she can be whatever she wants to be. She can have financial stability and be at the top of her field but as a society women, are still judged by her sexuality.

Is she good in bed, how many partners has she had in the past. Unfortunately though, some will tell you they have never had the experience before. However, the following will help you know if she is lying or not-

  1.  She doesn’t flirt at all
  2. Experienced women have a penetrating stare.
  3. She works differently. A woman’s virginal opening increases after sex, making her to walk a little broader.
  4. Women with a sexual past are more brazen.
  5. They are more confident with what the want.
  6. Experienced women act like saints around sex.
  7. Experienced women understands body language.
  8. They are always ready for what’s ahead.
  9. She knows exactly what make a man orgasm.
  10. They have a foggy memories. she will sleep with you today and forget you tomorrow.
  11. If she is Beautiful, she cannot possibly be a virgin.
  12. Virgins won’t know how to act when she sees a man naked.
  13. Virgins do not wear make-ups or barely any.
  14. If she is taking contraceptives, she is doing the deed. 
  15. Her skin colour and tone is a give-away