14 signals of blood sugar levels being too high

  • Life is never predictable unless you are a foreseer. That is why you better think twice about the present to ensure your future. What we are driving at is that you need to pay attention to your health while you are still healthy as it may be a little too late when you start caring about after you get sick.

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The thing is that these days there are many diseases that people fear most since they are pretty severed and sometimes incurable. Diabetes is surely one of them. But it does not just strike you – bang – and you have diabetes. No. it starts slowly, and in fact, you can prevent the problem by paying attention to it timely.

The first thing that you should start of is your blood sugar. As a matter of fact, it is no problem recently check your blood sugar you can do it anywhere even in the safety of your house. Once you find out that your sugar is too high – you take precautions, lower it and avoid diabetes.

To tell you the truth, there are some signals that your body gives you when the sugar gets high, and we are going to list all of them here.#1 Thirst

It is ok to get thirsty when it is hot, or you have been active for a while, but when it happens all the time, it should ring a bell.

#2 Dry mouth

Unless you are hungover all the time – your sugar is getting up.

#3 Hunger

Of course, there are many explanations why we get hangry, but high sugar is surely one of them. If it feels like you are hungry all the time no matter when and how much you have eaten – you should pay your doctor a visit.

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#4 Urination

We all visit the bathroom a couple of times a day but when it gets too frequent, you better have it checked. If you get up a couple of times during the night to pee that is a clear sign of high blood sugar.

#5 Dry skin

Dehydration may be a cause of that but so can the high sugar level. As a sequence to dry skin, you may experience weird rash outbreaks, and you should better consult a doctor straight away.

#6 Fatigue

If you feel constantly tired – you may start to worry. The thing is that it is not ok to feel constantly tired, one way or another there is something wrong going on, and the sooner you get it figured out, the better.#7 Concentration

When your sugar level gets up too high the issues with memory and concentration start to appear. These may also be the signs of something else, but in any case, you better have it checked.

#8 Weight gain

There are many reasons why people gain weight, or at least we think so. Usually, it is only the problem with high sugar intake and as a sequence high blood sugar. If you gain the most in your stomach area – that is surely the sign of high sugar.

#9 Infections

We all may suffer from a certain infection from time to time but when it becomes too often you should better pay attention to it since it may be the sign of anything and high blood sugar is surely one of the issues you should worry about.#10 Blurred vision

That is never a good thing to experience when your vision gets blurred, you may either be losing your eyesight, or your sugar may be going far up, and there must be something you do to stop it.

#11 Impotence

High blood sugar level may affect men and women in different ways, and sometimes it may result in impotence when it comes to men.

#12 Healing issues

People with high blood sugar often face the problem with wound healing. The thing is that the blood does not want to clot well when there is a high level of sugar in it. That is why if it takes a mere cut weeks to heal up you should definitely check your blood sugar.

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#13 Breakdowns

The reasons why we get to the point of nervous breakdown may be various, but people with high blood sugar level are more prone to them than those who have normal blood sugar level.

#14 Indigestion

It is true that with the way we eat these days, stomach problems may not be a shocker to anyone. However, high blood sugar levels cause indigestion in most cases. That is why if no matter what you eat your stomach gets upset – you should definitely consult a doctor.