Whatsapp Duta Robot; How To Activate And Use Its Services

Whatsapp Duta Robot; How To Activate And Use Its Services

sometimes we are carried away by social networks that we feel it too stressful to leave and do some little research online. Whatsapp being the case of

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sometimes we are carried away by social networks that we feel it too stressful to leave and do some little research online. Whatsapp being the case of example is a messaging app that isn’t quite integrated with Internet browsers at a mobile base. Doing things like searching the web or looking up a word online will require you to completely leave the app. But no more; with watsapp Duta Group Service you can search Bing and Wikipedia, get news, lookup a word in the dictionary and get a whole lot of other services for absolutely free.

Interesting huh?

In this post I am going to tell you how you can get information, news, jokes, and search the internet right from your whatsapp application.

So what is duta?

Duta™ is an indian group messenger specifically created  to render different kinds of services like latest news, sports, Bing and Wiki search, entertainment, devotional, finance , quizzes and games especially jumble which is the most popular and most used services of all , it also renders a little horoscopical services.

A lot of arguments sometimes ensure in groups about the true nature of duta, some members argue that it is an online robot while some opined that it is a JavaScript programme, but I will choose to call it a robot because it does the work of a robot e.g ranking you; giving you updated on time sports commentries , replies faster than a normal individual etcand you will agree with me , calling duta a robot is more interesting and dramatic than a web language.

Most of us have seen Duta in action. We have played jumble, and other English related games on whatspp groups through Duta. This is just the surface as you can get a whole lot of services and scan right from your whatsapp without having to contact your opera or other related browsers.

So what are the advantages of duta in a group?

1. No boring moments in the group; makes it more interesting
2. Instant Search and dictionary results.
3. It is some sort of encyclopedia
4. Celebrity news at your fingertips
5. Free subscriptions
6. Play interesting games and quizzes
7. IQ tests
8.weather reports
9. It is always online.

You are amazed at its advantages; duta got disadvantages too!

1. Eighty percent of the news is all about India
2. The jokes are in Indian
3. It crashes and stops replying when bombarded with too much messages, won’t be able to process them all
4. its updates can be pretty annoying too
5. The celebrity news is only about Indian and Bollywood celebrities
6. The jumble game is very addictive thereby leading to low quality conversation in a group and too many messages in a group which will be all about  ‘jumble’, quizzes , updates etc
Mind you, it is not every of its services that are in Indian language or about India.

These are some of the services it renders in English language

1. Bing and wikipedia search
2. weather reports (*weather)
3. Quizzes and games (*gk , jumble)
4. Dictionary.
5. currency converter
6. Sports commentaries ( *football)

scrnshot2 scrnht-1

Add duta to your whatsapp group by adding any of these numbers

+917823996903 , +917823997158,   +91 74 01 033656,  +917823997158


Duta offers these CHANNELS & services   ✅To subscribe, add the number to your group:



Football +917200091758

NBA +917200091760

Sports +917200091759

WWE +917200091762

Tennis +917200091761

FormulaOne +917845098527

Cricket +917200091754



News +917200091764

Tech +917200092859

US Election +917200092862



Hollywood +917200092863

Jokes +917200092867

Fashion +917200092866

Deals +917845097091

Trivia +917200092869

Advice +917845097092

Daily quote +917200092868



For fastest services add +917845097626 to your group.

TO play, type game name, e.g. jumble 








Quran +917845098529

Bible +917845097620



To get this services

add +917845097083 to your group. Example: to translate ‘happy’ from English to Hausa, type: translate hausa happy

Search (e.g. search kanu)

☔Weather (e.g. weather lagos

Time (time abuja)

Currency Exchange (finance: usd to ngn) 

Stock Price (Finance shell) 

⭐Daily Horoscope (astro ddmmyyyy) 

 Dictionary (dict superb) 

↔️Translate (translate arabic happy)

Be ready for fun and the  cascades of messages that comes with it.

Drop your comments on your duta experience below


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