How To Secure Your Gmail Account Against Verification Lockouts

With the rapid growth of the Internet, an email is indeed something of a “no do without”.

Whether you are just on to send some short messages or you’re engaged in some on-line business, the email remains a top priority.

One of the top email companies is the Gmail, owned by the WWW giants “Google”. Knowing that security is everything, they have always gone to extreme measures to secure users account.

Although, this measures carried out by the company is solely to protect your account and make sure it’s you who’s logging in as you, it also poses threat as it may shut you out of your own account.

This often happens when you’re logging in from an unrecognized system as Google tracks your devices and once it notices you’ve never been previously logged on the device it automatically shut you out, asking you to “verify you own the account”.

The verification process rangers from sms’ or call verification to identifying the date you created your account. Only through these will you have access to the account.

This is a huge problem if

  1. You don’t really own the account; you’ll just have to contact the actual owner of course.
  2. You have misplaced the original mobile number you used during registration.
  3. You are not good with dates.


Another huge problem associated with this security check is time factor.

Nowadays, we do everything online, Shop online, order online, send job applications online and the list goes on.

While Online, you sign up for things and sometimes you are required to confirm the orders within a stipulated period of time ranging from 24 hours – weeks. You may lose a package you’ve paid for and depending on the cost, you may lose a lot if you fail to confirm the order.

I personally had this problem when I got a new device and ordered for a domain name. It was a pathetic story; after a lot of time waiting, I found a way to confirm my order without attacks using a non-java scripted browser [see how?]


 Now, not to waste anymore of time; let’s get down to securing your Gmail Account against future Verification Lockouts.


 As the saying goes, the best way to secure is to insure.

Now that you have access to your account, setup an alternative email. This is one of the best steps as email will be required to verify your account. Don’t know how to setup your alternative email [Click Here].


 By default your sign up number is used for this but You don’t want to fall into a misplaced mobile or a lost sim card place. Update your mobile number as this will be enabled in recovery.

You will either be asked to request a phone call, an sms or you’ll asked to fill in the missing digits of the number  (This really will help you and its time saving.).

Don’t Know how to update your Gmail mobile number? [Click Here]


If you already know this, good! Keep it somewhere or write it down for future reference. This may be your last resort but if you can carefully provide this, you’ll be granted the access you seek.

Have any question? Drop a comment below!

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